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1. She _____ 18 years old.

2. How much _____ a flat in Tokyo?

3. Is Marc here? No, he ______.

4. Are you hungry? Yes, I ______.

5. My father’s brother is my favourite ______.

6. If you go outside in the rain without an umbrella, you ______ get wet.

7. Do you have a _______? Yes, I do.

8. When did you begin to study English? I ______ last year.

9. Last Saturday night I ______ to an Italian restaurant and ______ pizza.

10. ______ many bookshops in the area.

11. The information ______ correct. There are many mistakes in it.

12. Which room do you like? I like ______ room.

13. Is David there? Yes, he’s in the ______.

14. I ______ on vacation before I ______ the job.

15. Do you want to go ______ the cinema?

16. You can speak to the chemist ______ the pharmacy.

17. How many ______ live in your house?

18. I ______ shopping.

19. ______ do you take a shower?

20. Mary ______ the piano very well.

21. If I won the lottery, I ______ buy a Ferrari.

22. Maria walks ______.

23. Are you going ______?

24. Are you watching TV? No, ______.

25. How are you ______ with your mother-in-law?

26. Everyone ran out of the building when the fire alarm ______.

27. I have to ______ my files at the end of every day.

28. ______ does Scotland compare to Ireland?

29. ______ in your opinion is the best language to learn?

30. If I had studied more, I ______ have got a better result.

31. I was so tired I ______ in the cinema and missed the end of the film.

32. How long have you ______ English?

33. When I was a child, I ______ come to Spain on holiday.

34. When I got divorced, I had to get used to ______ alone.

35. I wish my teacher ______ give us so much homework!

36. If I see Peter, I ______ ask him about the match.

37. I wish I ______ as slim as Claudia Schiffer!

38. We ______ visit our grandparents in Switzerland if we saved enough money.

39. The underground never runs ______ in London.

40. I ______ read and write by the time I was four.

41. It ______ be difficult to live in a country where you don’t speak the language.

42. AC Milan lost the match two-nil to Juventus. They ______ played badly!

43. It’s ______ to be warm this weekend.

44. You ______ be afraid of spiders. They won’t hurt you.

45. Who ______ next to the judge?

46. They ______ into a new apartment and now they have more space.

47. We ______ four tests so far this month.

48. A monument ______ to the new President.

49. By the time we bought the house, we ______ three children.

50. I called the insurance company to ask for advice after I found that my car ______ stolen.

51. This time next week, I ______ on the beach in Hawaii!

52. Because of my job, I spend 3 to 4 hours ______ the internet every day.

53. He ______ the blame for the car accident so that his sister didn’t get into trouble.

54. He ______. What happened?

55. Don’t drink that milk. It looks like it ______.

56. I’m a very easy-going person. I hate to ______ trouble.

57. ______ boyfriend is arriving on ______.

58. If I had invested in that company, I ______ be rich now.

59. I ______ this car ______ I graduated from college.

60. Who ______ to find out about next week’s meeting?

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